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Tight Lips

I have a Metric fuck ton of sexual interests.
I'm a Owned Dirty Little Girl... I'm here to express my sexual desires..wants... needs..interests and so on.
Feel free to ask questions ... I would love to give you advice.. or submit things to me that I may like and enjoy and could feature on my blog... thank you ! and enjoy...

All material here is for 18+ audiences only and is NSFW. If you are a minor, please turn away now and do not follow this tumblr. Thank you.

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is 4 and a half inches enough to pleasure a girl...

Depends on how you use it ;)


Do you have a boyfriend?



Have you ever thought of branding a guy, if so where?

Honestly… No, I have not… but if I were to it would be someplace only sexual partners would see it.¬†


I love You website...

Thanks ;3 <3

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I have that exact pair

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Neck mmm



Neck mmm

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